27 Things to Know before Turning 28!

Today I'm sharing my TOP 27 things to know about LIFE before turning 28! Want to know more? Click here

Hey there! Welcome back! I'm so excited to see you again & to share with you the TOP 27 life tips to know BEFORE turning 28

I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you all (as well as recount some things for myself) the wonderful as well as difficult things I've learned going into my 28th year! So let's get right into it! 

Today I'm sharing my TOP 27 things to know about LIFE before turning 28! Want to know more? Click here
  1. Don't waste time trying to be someone else, you weren't meant to be them or like them, if you were you wouldn't have to work at it!
  2. Getting a good nights sleep DOES affect how you function the next day, whether you realize it or not!
  3. Eating your fruits and veggies is good for you!
  4. If you figure out what your passions is in life, chase it with everything you have!
  5. University and College is fantastic!! BUT, If you can figure out your path/passion before that, pursue it.
  6. Our (Your) generation is ALWAYS going to be seen as lazy, impatient and unwilling to work, but we are just different. Life as WE see it is different than those before us.
  7. Getting up early every once in a while to watch the sun rise and to be alone with your thoughts is a special thing to experience.
  8. You're elementary school friends, high school friends, college and work friends might all be different, but if you're lucky you'll have a few that start with you from the beginning. Those friends, never forget that they are a GIFT, show your appreciation!
  9. Your parents are SO important to you and while you likely won't appreciate them at 16, at 20 and 26, your relationships will change and more important than ever.
  10. Being called an adult doesn't mean you are ready to be an adult.
  11. Watching an entire series on tv is a thing We do, the others won't get it.
  12. Every now and then, turn the damn tv/laptop off and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!! I found our generation to be such home bodies.
  13. Starting a savings account IS a cool/smart thing to do
  14. Spending all your money on socializing (clubs, drinking etc) is not cute.
  15. Don't be afraid to admit you haven't figured it out yet..and by IT I mean LIFE!
  16. Don't cry over spilled milk -- Don't get upset over the small stuff. Learn to put things in perspective, FAST!! It'll save you years of tears.
  17. Failure just means growth and learning.
  18. Success can sometimes just be LUCK, but it usually isn't so don't be afraid of putting in some work.
  19. The things that piss you off at 18 don't usually continue to piss you off at 28. Eg. Not having Friday plans. 18 -- pissed. 28 -- grateful LOL)
  20. You should take the time to get to know who YOU are and plan to keep growing as a person.
  21. Studying doesn't always have to be assigned by a teacher. Choose to grow. Learn to grow!
  22. Start a healthy lifestyle early, YOU CAN NOT CATCH up when you're older.
  23. Finding someone to love is NOT A job you have to SET OUT to do, it is a wonderful thing, that just happens when it is supposed to.
  24. Don't attempt to out drink a random guy at the bar, whom the bartenders know by name!
  25. Be accountable for your actions, own your stuff and be real about your mistakes.
  26. Being apologetic or choosing to forgive DOES NOT make you WEAK. It makes you wise and lifts one thing off your shoulders.
  27. And finally....Be YOU. If you're silly, or a little serious or even quirky. Be it. Life is going to throw you things but the one thing you have to hold onto aside from hope, is who you are and what you stand for! Without knowing who you are and living it, how can you expect to be a better you one day?
Today I'm sharing my TOP 27 things to know about LIFE before turning 28! Want to know more? Click here


I am really excited for my 28th birthday and have hopes for it that I'll be sharing in this post! Check it out here!

Have a lesson you'd wish you had known before?! Please share it in the comments before!

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