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This is a Life & Style blog! I'm bringing you content that is helpful as well as fun. My goal is to help the everyday woman maneuver though life, feeling beautiful, confident and smart! So this is where I step in! I'm going to do all of the research for YOU:

1. Shopping Smart

2. How To's

3. Product Reviews

4. DIY's

And any other way I can help make the everyday woman feel great, while spending less and overall living well! Put your trust in me, tell me what you need help with, or are not sure of and I'll go to work!

polished opinion

Is for women who are:

- Smart Shoppers - Style Conscious - Beauty Enthusiast - Nail Polish Collector -

We are driven, hard working women who like luxurious things but can't always dish out the extra bucks for them. We strive to look like we've spent a lot, without always having to! We want to know how to spend smart & where to shop! We want to be proud when we look at our closets and homes, knowing we didn't spend a lot, and still achieved our sophisticated, stylish look! 

Who Am I? I've Got layers!


30/ Canadian/ 6ix (Ontario)/ University Graduate: Studied Law/ Career in insurance & a closeted creative!

I’m finally letting my freak flag fly. I’m a lover of blogging and I finally decided it was time to put some real effort into it. Today, I’m diva-licious and finally pursuing all the things I really love! I’m a huge believer in positive energy and thinking, and I strive everyday to implement it into my way of life! I truly feel like it’s changed who I am, how I think and how I go about my everyday life!

As we go on this journey together, I want you to know two things:

1. This is a space where we can grow together, learn together and interact with each other!

2. I will always be honest with you

Yours Truly,