10 Ways to Stay Positive in a Toxic Environment

Feeling down at work? Not happy at home? Here's 10 Ways to stay Positive In a toxic environment!! Click the link to read more!

Ever felt Completely down while at work, home or else where? Feeling like that place just has bad energy?!

I can completely understand if you have! I have been, at times completely unhappy each time I walked into work or felt out of place while at home. So, I KNOW what it's like!

Here's 10 ways to stay positive in a Toxic Environment!

Feeling down at work? Not happy at home? Here's 10 Ways to stay Positive In a toxic environment!! Click the link to read more!
  1. Keep your eyes on the prize -- if you're at work, focus on your next project, or meeting a quota. Dive into your work and set personal goals. If you're focused on achieving a goal, you just won't have time for the bull-doodoo. This also applies if your toxic environment is your home, focus on setting goals and achieving them. Whether it's saving to move out, go on a trip or do something just for you. GET GOAL-DIGGIN'!
  2. Keep things in perspective -- This is one of my favorites. Focus on some 'BASIC' (if you really want to call them basic) reasons for being grateful! You have a bed, a warm space to rest. Food to eat and a job to go to. If none of these things are happening, Give thanks that out of the millions of people that WANTED to live, you remain. You have a purpose, THAT'S why you are still here and FOR THAT you should be grateful!
  3. Get Productive/Creative -- Whether it's a hobby or something you're learning about. Dive into it. For me coloring books/pages helps me relax, working on my blog, listening to music. Singing. You could write a book, journal, draw, get online savvy, read a book, write a short story. Using your creative mind helps to de-stress and refocus your mind. Tune out the bad - connect to the good!
  4. Have an escape plan -- if this environment is getting worse or causing further discomfort and you can't fit or remedy it, plan to get the HECK out! Now this is more for those of us older and with the means and opportunity to leave. If you're young (18 and under) seek further assistance. Otherwise, start a savings plan, set plans in motion to get out! 
  5. "Never let them see you bleed" -- Not literally. I mean, if someone is antagonizing you knowing they'll eventually get a rise out of you, learn to master your poker face! Stop letting them SEE you're anger/frustration/upset bubble up. Most people thrive on that eventual reaction. If you can cut that out, you might just cut out their fun and cause them to move on!
  6. Attempt to resolve the issue -- if you feel like the BEST way to deal with this person is to address whatever issue you think they might have, go for it! Try to talk it out, get to the root of what's the problem, how you contributed and HOW you can help to resolve it so everyone can move on! Hopefully, this person(s) is up for it!
  7. Evaluate your role in the situation -- do you know how you've contributed to this situation? Are you an unaware cause to the toxicity that is now affecting you negatively? Sit down, think back, (if you can get someone to clue you in, DO IT) and try to remember when this all started what happened before? Did you do/say something to cause a ripple affect you didn't even realize? Become more Self aware!
  8. Rise Above -- If you've attempted to apologize or better understand the situation or person(s) involved, it's now time to be the bigger person. take the high road and rise above. Walk away from the negativity and get some fresh air. Do not let this break down your wall of positivity.
  9. Get out......OFTEN!! -- If this is at work, get in, do your job (while looking for another of course) and get out! Don't spend anymore time in a toxic environment than you have too. I mean, you usually want to run out of a place your unhappy to be at, so run...don't be shy!
  10. Find allies -- is there one or two people you truly feel you can count on, stick with them. Finding allies or friends will help any bad situation not seem SO BAD! So seek out the people that get you or that have gone to bat for you and that you can laugh with! THOSE are the people you want to be around! 

I hope these were helpful for you! I've had to get creative in the past and these have helped me become the more positive, less explosive person I am today! 

Feeling down at work? Not happy at home? Here's 10 Ways to stay Positive In a toxic environment!! Click the link to read more!


Do you have any tips on how to stay positive in a toxic environment? Please share it down below!

Yours Truly,