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13 Things you SHOULD splurge on!

13 Things you SHOULD splurge on!


Welcome back! I've been thinking a lot about shopping and making SMART investment purchases! I've made a few in the past few months so I thought I'd share some of the purchases I think ARE worth splurging on! So scroll down and lets get into this!










1. Leather Jacket



2. Quality Boots/Shoes/Heels


3. Couch


4. Investment - Computer/Macbook/Desktop

2017-09-16 16.46.06.jpg

Macbook Air

5. YOU!! Courses, reading, advancement/Education

Furthering your education, skills, development is NEVER not a worthy investment! Even if it comes down to just buying a self help book, it's worth it! See yourself evolving, getting better advancing a craft/hobby and more is always a gift to yourself!

6. Your Bills!

I always advocate taking care of yourself and treating yourself, but if you're not capable of paying off your bills or taking care of outstanding debt, YOU ALWAYS put that first! Put your credit and your name before the names of expensive brands! I HIGHLY advocate for that too!

7. 1 Statement purse

Michael Kors

8. Skin Care Products/Maintenance 

You can't buy new skin, you can only take care of the one you have. You get what you pay for so I say taking care of your skin is an expense i wouldn't skip out on!


Skin Care

9. Bed/Mattress/Pillows

The Brick

10. Food Processor/ Coffee Maker/ Blender

If you could invest in an item that could make your day to day home life a little bit easier and move smoother, wouldn't you invest in it? 


Food Processor

11. Comforter

Bed Bath & Beyond

12. Health Care

Again, investing in yourself, your physical health, whether it be going to the gym, taking a dance class, getting massages, seeing a physio-therapist, carve out the time for YOU and your body, as well as the cash if necessary!

13. A trip



Overall, spending a little money on YOU whether it's a large investment or a smaller purchase, I think it's important to not feel like you're living to pay bills, but you're also living for you as well. I hope you enjoyed this post~

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In today's day we need to find a balance! Spend the time and money needed on you to grow, to be better, feel better and overall live a balanced life! Never decide to just live a life paying bills, live for YOU! What do you think of my list? Anything you might add that I might have missed? Share it with me in the comments down below! Until then,

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