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My Top 20 Favorite Picture Quotes That Inspire Me!

My Top 20 Favorite Picture Quotes That Inspire Me!

Welcome BACK!!! It's an exciting and hectic time in my life at the moment, and so I thought I would share my TOP 20 FAVORITE picture quotes that are my go to's when things are going a little crazy in life & I need re-focus! And seeing as it's the beginning of a new year, I thought I'd share these quotes with you and what they mean to me!



*Please Note I do not OWN or take Credit for any of the  pictures posted today



So the order I'll be going in is from MOST influential down, I don't want to say least because really, they're all my favorites and I find them all helpful, but we'll start from most helpful and work our way down!

#1  -- This picture I found A  LONG time ago on tumblr and It always just stuck with me. Being a big believer in the powerful connection between a person and the universe, asking for what you want, working for it and believing, I found this quote just so simple and real! It's especially awesome for you to share every time you get real about the path you intend to take a the top of the new year!

#2 --  This one just reminds us to get real about our desires for our lives and to decide and to stick with it! That doesn't mean sticking to the same job, boyfriend, house etc, that simply means, decide one and for all that no matter what you're doing you're choosing to live by your definition of extraordinary! Simplified -- life for you, based on your definition of happy!

#3 -- This one is more of a frame it and put it close to you kind of declaration! I do believe in declaring, clearly and with no doubt, what you want to the universe and this declaration created by someone who also believes larger in the power of the law of attraction, is just amazing! It's something I want to read every day, ESPECIALLY on those days when I think things aren't going right!

#4-- I've always felt like I was weirder than most, stranger than a lot of people, which caused me to often hide who I was or pretend to be someone I wasn't. This quote often reminds me to let me "strange" out. I am not the only one in the world that feels a little off beat to the general public. I definitely dance to the beat of my own drum at times and Frida taught me that it's ok to do that, that it's actually BETTER to be that strange girl! 

#5 -- This is an exert from the famous Maya Angelou poem STILL I RISE. I LOVE this poem so much, it just embodies so much feminine power to me! It always says that no matter how hard you try to stifle, me, quiet me, or break me, still I rise because that is the kind of woman I am, STRONG, UNSTOPPABLE, UNBREAKABLE. And Still, I RISE! And this particular line reminded me to love myself, in all my dark skinned, broad nose glory, I am beautiful, sexy and the fact that I think that, shouldn't come as a surprise!

#6 -- Never stop going until you find that spot you're looking for, that comfortable spot that says to you, you did it, you made it! Drive on, dear warrior, drive on!

#7 -- Don't let the feeling of powerlessness cripple you. Get up and do something, go for it, because trying to make things better is better than doing nothing at all.

#8 --  You must have unwavering faith in yourself BEFORE anyone else is going to...so start to believe in yourself now...eventually they won't be able to ignore your drive, passion, determination and will to get there!

#9 -- You have to work for your blessings to work. It won't just show up one day!

#10 -- It's not easy to do but when you can do it you'd be amazed at how much it affects your life and your energy/mood. Wanting to find the things that will make you more grateful is all about your willingness to see it each day, whether you chalk that day up to 'good' or 'bad'.

#11 -- What you're going after has to make you a little nauseous...it has to make you a little scared, or else it's probably too easy!

#12 -- I ABSOLUTELY think I can do this, fear in the pits of my stomach and all!!

#13 --  Pretty clear...I'd say.

#14 -- If you can't find anything to be grateful for, here are FEW things to help you get on your way to realizing just how FORTUNATE you are!

#15 -- Another one that is meant to remind us that life is a lot more than we often make it out to me, and a lot of what it is, is NOT about materialistic things or status. And ultimately, it's worth fighting for!

#16 --  I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift, however if these are in fact her lyrics/words, I commend her for them. This needs to be in the rooms, up on the walls of every little girl out there, especially those girls who don't exhibit the most self - esteem. These words show that it's okay to be that strong girl...

#17 -- Now is the right time...so go for it!

#18 -- Another quote that reminded that it is okay to think a little differently! We don't always hear the music the same, see the sky the same , and that's okay!

#19 -- I refuse to give up hope. It's free to hold onto and can make the difference of you trying versus you giving up.

#20 -- I LOVE this quote...it's probably going to be my next tattoo, but I believe it relates to me, so much! 

I hope you enjoyed these! I hope they find you at just the right time in your life and I hope they strike something in you as they have for me! 

I'd love to for you to share some of your favorite picture quotes with me! Did any of the one's I shared today make you smile?! Tell me all about it in the comments section below!



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Yours Truly,

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