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How To: Start Shopping Smarter - Tips 1 - 7

How To: Start Shopping Smarter - Tips 1 - 7

And we're back for another post! I'm FINALLY sharing my smart shopping tips!! In the past few months my smart shopping skills has really been on another level! So scroll down and lets get into tips 1-7









1. Price Tag is Wrong?Use It to your Advantage:

Ever been shopping and seen one price tag and then another on the same item? Or Seen an item under a rack priced one way and then the item is tagged another price!? This CAN SOMETIMES be used in your favor! If the item is originally priced HIGHER but is on a rack for a lower price, if you kindly bring this to the attention of a staff or manager, due to false/incorrect advertising, they may be willing to give you the item for the lower price! 

You usually spot these mistakes randomly! So when you do, take it to the cash register and politely inquire! 

2. Price Matching: 

Some might say price matching is for the cheap/broke. I say it's for the smart! Ever buy something full price and then LITERALLY two days later it goes on sale! Bring that receipt BACK and get the difference returned to you!! More times than not, the store would rather pay you the small difference then you potentially return the item completely!

3. Online Window Shop & Compare prices:

Window shopping is not only fun, IT'S SMART!!  Most stores product list can be completely viewed online! Now you can compare stores and prices without leaving the comfort of your home. As well as sign up for sale alert emails! 

Another amazing thing about Online Window Browsing - if you see a sale item online and you decide, "I've got to go into the store to fit this" and they have it at regular price, they're usually willing to give you the item as advertised ONLINE!! This HAS HAPPENED to me!! This is another fluke moment but IT CAN HAPPEN!!!

Purchased these shoes at Sale price because the store hadn't updated it's online price!

Purchased these shoes at Sale price because the store hadn't updated it's online price!


4. Discount Cards - Coupons: 

Ever get offered a discount card at cash out and you say no, FOR ONCE SAY YES. These cards/loyalty cards are helpful! I signed up for a stores new app and got 10% off!! They often have discount codes for your birthday and you sometimes get access to a sale EARLY! Use these cards long enough and rack up points too!!!

Coupons - There's nothing wrong with using coupons. Saving a $1.90 on laundry detergent is HELPFUL!!! Shopping smart, means taking that extra step to save when you can!! 

5. Ask Questions/ Research:

Ever heard there a shopping seasons?? Seasons and ideal times of the year to purchase certain items - this one goes more for larger items. Do your research and find out when it's best to buy large items.

Look into online second hand/gently used community facebook groups where you can either exchange an item for an item or find something someone in your local area is selling! It's not that far fetched an idea!

6. Power Of Three: 

Shopping for some new clothes!? Wanting to make wise decisions but not sure how to shop smart and not be impulsive - Shop in the power of THREE's - Consider three different ways you can wear what you're considering! If not then consider three different circumstances you can wear this!

7. Wait it Out:

And tip # 7 - wait it out! In two different ways: Wait it out before purchasing it, you may realize you want it, but NOT REALLY. I'm teaching myself to wait a few days before I buy an item. If I go back to look at it or can't stop thinking about it - I'll buy it.

Another way to wait it out is the obvious one - wait for it to go on sale! If you want it but it's super expensive, wait for it to go on sale! I like to think, if it's meant to be my size will still be there when It goes on sale!

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Want to finally learn how to save while shopping?? Then look no further, I'm Finally Sharing my tips to shopping smarter!! Click to read part 1, tips 1 - 7 are LIVE!! 

There you go! 7 out the 14 different ways I've learned to start shopping smarter! I'm loving these tips and I hope you are too! Which one had you not heard of before? Share a tip? Comment down below!

Yours Truly,

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