What the "New Year, New Me" New Years Slogan Means to me in 2017!

Everyone is feeling the buzz, the surge of the excitement! I LOVE the new year! And as I scroll through my social media outlets I see all the "new year, new me" excitement...and I don't support it!..Scroll Down to read Why!







It's a new day, and a New Year! The Resolution-ers are out...and here's what I have to say to them! Click to read on!

Everyone is EXCITED!! And in no way am I trying to take away your new found vigor and excitement to set out and achieve your goals!! I just.....can't comprehend why SO MANY people need to wait until the start of a new year to decide to shake off that "can't do attitude", and the "it's not working for me" woes and just GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT! 

I love doing vision boards at the beginning of the year, reading my smile jar, but I do not let those things stand as ONLY NEW YEARS EVE traditions. If I NEED a pick-me-up, I'll check my smile jar whenever I need it! If I feel like my vision board needs to reflect where I am in that moment, as opposed to January 1st, I change it! Ladies and gentleman...

Every morning you wake up, is a "new me" opportunity!

No where in the rule books of life does it say, you must try in the beginning, and if it doesn't work, wait until next year....cause you know, that's the best time to start a new challenge, journey, break a habit, start a habit, be better, forgive someone, forgive yourself, push yourself, learn something new....NO WHERE!!!

First off... 

....you simply have to be in the right frame of mind to decide to "be a better you" and for most people, it's not after the crazy, busy, running around holiday season! Most people are just tryna pay off them credit card bills from the holiday season! Our brains are just coming down from all the excitement, and so NOW is the right time to quit smoking??? ONLY if you truly feel it in your heart, if you've really prepared your mind for it! Then Yes. Otherwise, know that the change will come only when you are truly ready for it! Secondly, The hard work you put into yourself should never be measured by 365 days alone. Some changes take YEARS. So, as long as you stick to it, make small movements towards it, you NEVER fail! At the end of your life, you can sit back and look at what worked and what didn't and smile. THAT is when you can sit down and measure what you've done with your time...cause for now, you're not done yet!

I do not believe in New Years Resolutions

This whole thing about having resolutions, to me is a great way to make you feel bad about yourself in about 3 months and to make you feel like it's ok to give up. Each day you work towards the betterment of your life is what matters, even if that means 654 days.

The things I did not accomplish last year, I carry forward into the new year and continue to work towards them, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And during the times I feel like I'm not getting any closer, I don't turn to the thoughts of "well I guess I should just give up". I re-evaluate my goals, my plan of action, my current path and what I could do differently and go from there....

Now, More than Ever!

People need to know that you make and decide when is the right time. You can control things more than you realize! Day 1, can be any day you're READY for it to be! So why wait? 

It's a new day, and a New Year! The Resolution-ers are out...and here's what I have to say to them! Click to read on!

From Me to You

I pray you all find the energy to continue on in your dream chasing! I pray you find the strength to never give up and to KNOW that you are the boss, no schedule or clock can tell you when it is the BEST time to start to go for it! I pray this 2017 is filled with a-ha moments and opportunities to be better, have more, succeed more and thrive more! I pray you all have a prosperous and healthy 2017 and to remember, every morning you open your eyes, you are given a new chance!
— Karita C


What are some goals that you intend to bring forward from last year!? Share them with me in the comments below!

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