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#CYStyleSeries: Conclusion + Final Thoughts

#CYStyleSeries: Conclusion + Final Thoughts

We made it to the end!! I am so pleased and appreciate anyone who made it to the end with me! I truly hope this helps you with your Instagram game! If you haven't already, catch up with Ch. 1 HERE, Ch. 2 HERE, Ch. 3 HERE, Ch. 4 HERE, Ch. 5 HEREToday We're just going to go over everything that stuck out to ME and wrap up this awesome Blog series!





So I just want to shout out Aimee Song for this amazing book! It really has helped me with my Instagram strategy and future plans! It was pretty easy to read it cover to cover quite quickly! So let's dive into MY takeaways!

So we've finished the CAPTURE YOUR STYLE chapter recap Series! Click to read some of my takeaways from this fantastic Blog Series!

Chapter ONE

1. Make Sure your photo's are ALWAYS focused (unless you've set up an artistic POV)

2. Deciding one a photo grid plan! That means color scheme, filter choice, muted tones versus bright/vibrant colors. Choose a style of posting and MOSTLY stick with it! Your followers appreciate consistency in all realms!

Also write out your Instagram mission statement and what it is you intend to convey to your followers. Will it be about business, followers, brand exposure, site attraction! Know your strategy and plan for posting and WHY your posting!

Chapter TWO

3. Choose a few apps to use to edit your photos and stick to it! VSCO Cam, Snapseed and Facetune are some GREAT choices!

4. OOTD: Consider your Location BEFORE getting there (if possible). Going on a vacation, research the area you'll be in and plan how you pack. PACK with a vision of how you'd like your OOTD shots to look and plan ahead!

5. Remember OOTD shots can be just about the details, and or NOT full length, loving your skirt and purse details, angle your shot to get those in your view.

6. NATURAL Lighting is your BEST option first, Clean backgrounds or backgrounds that Compliment your OOTD and not take away from it.

7. Selfies? Try many different angles to get your "good side" and use natural lighting, and making sure your photo is sharp!


8. Have an anchor piece for your flat lay shots: Something that your viewers eyes are drawn to as the MAIN piece.

9. When taking DECOR shorts, consider symmetry, look for balance in a decor shot. Rows of something, a pattern. 

10. Take a shot for a room from the corner of a room.

11. Try a Vignette: a small grouping of objects that come together in a portrait to tell a story - Think a few fashion books, a vase and a lamp, a grouping of candles and a vintage picture frame. These kinds of photos are usually found in a home or in a cafe or decor shop even!

Chapter FOUR

12. Tag and mention brands that you love when you feature their products! 

13. Geo-Tag your locations, BUT NEVER personal addresses, 

14. Comment and like other photo's to help connect with others like you and get yourself some exposure, but BE GENUINE!

Chapter FIVE

15. Doing Contests and Giveaways helps with exposure and bringing in new followers.

16. Collaborations is another great way to gain exposure

17. Work with brands but KNOW your worth as an online influencer and what you can offer them!

18. Maintain positive relationships and be polite!

19. Don't start your Instagram with the intention of being insta-famous, or only to get free things! People will see right through you and brands will not work with you!

20. DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS. Grow your audience authentically! It looks better and we can tell when you've likely bought followers.

So we've finished the CAPTURE YOUR STYLE chapter recap Series! Click to read some of my takeaways from this fantastic Blog Series!

Well that wraps it for our #CYStyleSeries Chapter Recap! I truly hope this has helped you in some way! Please feel free to let me know what you've gained from this series or reading the book on your own! Let me know in the comments section below!

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