#CYStyleSeries: Ch 4 "Grow Your Audience"

Welcome back to my #CYStyle Chapter series! We're almost DONE the book guys!! It's been so great to share these chapter recaps with you and so informative for me and I HOPE for you as well! If you need to catch up before scrolling down read Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3 all linked and ready! Let's get into Ch.4 then! Scroll down for more!








Find & Grow your audience 

Another Week, ANOTHER AMAZING CHAPTER! Check out Chapter FOUR of this weeks #CYStyleSeries and learn how to GROW and FIND your Audience! Click here to read it now!

Now that we've got through the meaty stuff, let's jump into the logistics! 

We'll look into the ways to make Instagram work for you!


It's important to reiterate that Instagram has become more than just a platform to share pictures, it has become its own search engine, and a hashtag is a great way to discover others and be discovered!

Once you put the hashtag in front of a word it becomes discover able to others, and becomes apart of a collection among the other photos with the same hashtag!

There are two types of hashtags:

  1. Ones used at events 
  2. Ones used that are specific to your photo: Which includes descriptive hashtags and more! it's also a great idea to create a hashtag you can use just for your friends at an event so they can find pictures you can share with each other!

If you're at a large event, say a conference or wedding, look for an official hashtag that can be used to make your photos more discover-able to those who attended with you!

In this section, it is stated that one should not use so many hashtags, however I think this is okay once you've gained a reasonable sized following, in the mean time, I use hashtags specific to my niche/business that has helped me grow my audience!

If you can manage to use them sparingly and still have a good engagement, definitely do that!

Here are some other important things to remember:

  1.  Hashtag brands you're wearing rather than items, so those who love that brand can love along with you and follow you!
  2. When choosing a hashtag, you can see how many people are using it, if you want to be seen among the 50 million hash tagging something, find a hashtag similar to what you're going for with a slight variation in wording, adding a word and you'll find one that LESS people using it! So rather than using a tag with millions using it, you'll use one with a few hundred thousand, maybe 50 thousand and have a better chance of a larger group of people seeing your posts!
  3.  Keep your captions clean! A cluttered caption with a lot of hashtags is distracting and messy!

Use one or two and the rest in your comments or push them way down in your caption so they're had to see, unless they're being looked for!


we've talked about geo-tags briefly before so lets recap! A geo-tag is a discover-able tag that adds your geographical location to your post! Allowing others to know where you've been or are currently visiting!

The beauty of a geo-tag is it is another way for people to see you and find your photos! When you decide to add a geo-tag ( by clicking add location to your photos) remember safety! Only geo-tag a location once you've already left it and sometimes opt got a broader tag. So if you're at a hotel in London, rather than tag it , maybe tag your city. Broader locations Is a safer bet. NEVER tag homes of anyone....you never know whose watching!

But have fun, especially if you found a new spot you know your followers will love!


Another smart way to get discovered by the Instagram community is through tags and @ "mentions".

We all know what a tag is, but in case you don't, it is when you hit @ and add someones Instagram Name, they're notified of your mention! Tagging is especially important, it allows us to give shout outs to someone you may follow or on your feed!

Be smart with this one two! Use it to SHOW LOVE, not to bash, shame or say hurtful things to others, online bullying is just not cute and not cool!

It's helpful because it introduces other people to the person you're tagging which can help them get exposure!

So don't be afraid to tag the brand your purse, shoes and those lovely earrings are from! Your followers will always appreciate it and so will brands looking to pull in more customers!

Try to be organic with your tags and mentions. and think wisely when tagging someone directly on the photo vs. mentioning them in your caption or comments!


Another Week, ANOTHER AMAZING CHAPTER! Check out Chapter FOUR of this weeks #CYStyleSeries and learn how to GROW and FIND your Audience! Click here to read it now!

It is so important that Instagram is a community, so engaging with your followers will ALWAYS go a long way. Don't ignore comments or questions, talk to each other and make new friends. Especially if you're using Insta for business, brands LOVE followers want to know where you got your shoes from and influencers or just people posting who ANSWER their followers! Again, more exposure for them!

How to get them to Engage? post a question connected to your photos, go out and comments and like others posts (AND BE GENUINE About it!! it's so not cool when you've poured your heart out and people caption "love what you're doing"....it shows you haven't taken the time to read my darn caption!)

  • Know your audience: when do you get the most engagement, likes, comments?! Think about that before you post and post then! Get to know them and post then!
  • Post at LEAST once a day: If you miss a day, believe you will lose followers!  Peoples attention spans are shorter than ever before and will cut you if you post sporadically or if you miss a day! 
  •  Space out your posts: One surefire way to get your photos overlooked is if you post 6 photos back to back. It's cluttering others feeds, it's messy and  Its actually annoying! I'll surely scroll passed your photos if they're bundled together! If you know you've got some SERIOUSLY awesome photos, all very similar, SPREAD out how many you post! Post one, your first favorite, then a few DAYS later share another from the batch you adore! 


And that Wraps up CHAPTER FOUR of my #CYStyleSeries Recap! Please PIN this if you found it helpful!

Another Week, ANOTHER AMAZING CHAPTER! Check out Chapter FOUR of this weeks #CYStyleSeries and learn how to GROW and FIND your Audience! Click here to read it now!

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Another Week, ANOTHER AMAZING CHAPTER! Check out Chapter FOUR of this weeks #CYStyleSeries and learn how to GROW and FIND your Audience! Click here to read it now!