#CYStyleSeries: Ch 2 "OOTD & Selfie School!"

Welcome back for our recap of Chapter 2 in our #CYStyleSeries! This was a dense chapter with TONS of great information! If you haven't already, check out our 1st installment here and download the checklist! Otherwise, let's dive right in!!





 1. Come up with an editing regiment; you''r protocol for editing your pictures AFTER  you've set//decided your theme, work within it and your go to filters and apps.

 2. Crop -- Don't ZOOM: allowing pictures to stay sharp and crisp , Always opt-to-crop your photos to the needs of the instagram size as well as your main focus. 

APPS that bloggers love:

  • Snapseed 

  • Facetune (Android option Airbrush)

  • VSCO Cam

  • Instagram editor  (last minute fixes)

Week TWO of our #CYStyleSeries!! Chapter two was FILLED with information! Click here to get access to this INFO packed post and not one, but TWO Checklists plus a worksheet to help you up your Insta-game!

OUTFIT SHOTS: Broken down

#OOTD How To:

LOCATION: Are you going away or on vacation?

 1. research your pending destination BEFORE you get there and PACK according to your possible outfit shots! Consider: the harmony between your outfit, the potential backdrops/ backgrounds & of course your insta-grid - plan accordingly & OVER-PACK!! 

2. How to go about this process? Imagine your prepping for an editorial shoot. You know your location, the look/feel you're going for. Do some preparing of outfit layouts, then pack and lastly , caption! This also goes for if your going local! Get to know your area and prep!

3.If you have the outfit in mind FIRST, go to your local spots you know may work or walk around until you find a gem! Make Sure your outfit and spot work together & with your theme!

#OOTD How To:


1. Think about if an action shot would work with your outfit! Let your outfit determine if you're in motion or not! Will it move well if it's windy out? Listen to your clothes!

2. The ever loving stepping off the curb or walking shot: do this if you're wanting to show off your cute shoes, pants, skirt or just your legs!

#OOTD How To:


1. Isn't every time you get dressed to go out an occasion of sorts!? So take the picture; whether you like your purse, accessories, blazer or shoes! BUT you don't have to post it right away! DON'T post them all at once either! Especially if you get a few good shots! Also let those casual shots flow too! It doesn't have to be over the top/ fancy/ elaborate to be an awesome ootd shot! 

#OOTD How To:


1. Remember no one said ootd had to be a head to toe shot!

2. You can just show off your arm candy! Your new bag! Or your shoes! The same rules apply for this sort of shot! Don't zoom, crop, focus your shot.

3. You can use props too, consider a still life shot like holding your favorite cup, some magazines or even just an item of clothing!

4. Just like with other photos;  play with your angles! Not every photo needs to be dead center!

5. If you don't have a camera tripod that can be used and you can't find a trusty helper, opting for the details might help too, do a FLAT LAY shot!

6. And as always make sure your photo is clear, sharp, focused and has lots of light! You can always brighten a dark photo but an overly bright photo is of no use!

#Selfie School - How To Selfie!

Contrary to popular belief! Selfies should really not be a dozen photos of you in your bathroom with duck face going! Your selfie should also tell a quick story about where you are, which should be a cool location! Whether you found an awesome location randomly, sightseeing in a crowded area, picking the right spot and the right time and place is just as important as the quality of the image!


As a rule, bright, natural light makes for a great selfie, so try to position yourself by a window where the sun is shining in or get outside. THE GOLDEN HOUR: right after the sunrise and just before sunset, gives everything a kind of magical feel to it, so time your selfies according to the kind of light you want. When using a window, remember to FACE the sunlight if you want to really make your eyes and hair and possible accessories pop. If you want a more hazy glow, more sultry softer look then stand with your light source BEHIND you. Not sure which works with the light you've got? Take a few practice shots (of course) to get a feel for which you like and want to work with!

If you're outside, watch for that pesky shadow that can turn a great shot, into an amateur shot quickly.

Gloomy day or an overall dark winter? (like those we get here in Toronto) Consider a purchasing an LED light with a warm tone that can create the look of outdoors. When picking a LED light, WARM is where you want to do, the more white lights (like those at your dentists office) give you a more grey-cold look. Look for bulbs in the 3000 K or fewer. Unless you're looking for that muted grey look, then go for it! Remember, it's all about the theme YOU desire and like!


When taking a selfie (and any other photo for that matter) seriously consider your background. It can really set the tone for your photo and the kind of quality you're presenting to your audience! Consider textures, patters, and colors that complement you and your outfit. Look for creative backgrounds that add depth to your photo but isn't too busy as to take the focus off of you, again you want the background to help tell the story! Get artistic with your options, but **remember: clean and straight forward backgrounds work better and are easier on the eyes, plus an open/clean space tends to do well with viewers.


I think we all know this one and learned it pretty early, but just in case you didn't know! Experiment with your angles, to find your good side. Everyone's is different. Hold your phone slightly above your sight line and turn your head 45 degrees one side to capture one side of your face profile and the angles of your face, cause straight on selfies for MOST of us, just isn't cutting it! Move the camera around, experiment to find that juicy spot. Also, PRO-TIP Clench down on your teeth to bring out that jawline!


To sum it up, nothing is off limits, as long as it's done smart and you switch it up, Play with different looks, the bedroom eyes vs. the big smile, don't feel weird about laughing, I find those are so inviting and warm!


MAKE SURE THOSE SELFIES ARE CLEAR!! AND SHARP/FOCUSED!! Take a few shots so you can pick from the batch the one you like the best!!!


For every 1 selfie, have 12 other kinds of shots! Try to break them up, you're beautiful, but it can be a bit much, especially if they're back to back! Unless, of course you're a beauty guru and are showing off your #FACEOFTHEDAY look! 


Try to keep the camera far enough that it can frame our face and some of your torso, otherwise we could be close enough to count your pores! Nobody want's that!


Try to keep the group selfies to THREE people max so you can still get a bit of your surroundings in the picture as well!

Don't beat yourself about this process, in the beginning, you'll take LOADS of them, I personally have taken almost 200 once, Yes, and I had about 30 make the cut! SERIOUSLY! It'll take practice and using some of these awesome tools/tips!!


Week TWO of our #CYStyleSeries!! Chapter two was FILLED with information! Click here to get access to this INFO packed post and not one, but TWO Checklists plus a worksheet to help you up your Insta-game!

DO Download my checklist and work sheet to keep you ON TOP of your game! IT'S PACKED with information!

Week TWO of our #CYStyleSeries!! Chapter two was FILLED with information! Click here to get access to this INFO packed post and not one, but TWO Checklists plus a worksheet to help you up your Insta-game!

What was your biggest take away from Chapter Two recap of our #CYStyleSeries!? I'd love to hear in the comments down below! Can't wait for next week!

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