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10 Things I Hope for My Blogs Growth in 2017 - UPDATE!

10 Things I Hope for My Blogs Growth in 2017 - UPDATE!


It's been 6 months since I originally posted about my hope for my blogs growth back in March, see original post >>HERE<<  & I think it's time to take note of what has and hasn't happened since my original post! So Scroll down and let's get into it!







So here's my UPDATED list:

1. I Want to Sharpen My Photography Skills:

As well as  take better selfies, blog post photos, OOTD and MU-OTD shots! I've learned a lot from playing with an older DSLR model, but I'm definitely hungry for more! I've always, ALWAYS loved photography and this is just another reason to better my skills and invest in a camera! I know it'll get used!

-They Say, as you continue you learn and get better! I'm still learning a lot but have definitely stepped up my photography skills. I am not where I want to be yet but I'll get there!


2. I want to Get Better at Editing my Photos:

Another important thing about presentation is having crisp, clean edited photos! So I want to learn to take and edit photos to showcase high quality and professionalism!

- Looking at my photos today I have definitely gotten better at editing, found a consistent style i want to stick with and am presenting crisper, clearer, brighter photos! The evolution is amazing! Check out my Instagram HERE or see an example of a photo I took and edited on my pc below!


3. Learn how to take better photo's with my smart phone:

I know a lot of big bloggers take photos with their phones! I don't know if it's an Android vs. I phone type of thing, but I've found I'm not liking photo's I take on my phone...could be setting etc. Either way I need to get better!

- So it turns out it was my phone camera! So I did it and upgraded to an Iphone 7+! Great decision and the photos I take on it are just as good as I had hoped they'd be! See a photo I took on my phone below! This photo was brightened and added my usual VSCO edits and I'm just amazed at how crisp and sharp it is!


4. Create more weekly/monthly newsletters:

I started out doing monthly and have admittedly fallen WAY off on my monthly/weekly newsletters! I need to figure out what to offer other than just sending out my blog posts!

So I haven't gotten better with this portion yet as I'm still trying to figure out what to send out other than just post reminders! And I had put it off as I was working on my blogs face lift!!

5. Take some online blogger courses: 

Whether it's learning how to use Pinterest to drive traffic, to create contests that convert or how to slay Instagram...I want to learn it all!

- I'm still looking for online courses that aren't an arm and a leg in price and filled with content that's not just regurgitated from someone else or from free content thats all over the internet already! I would LOVE some blogger/boss babe course suggestions if you have any!

6. Get better at driving traffic to my blog/site:

This ties in with #5...I want to learn to up my page views in a big way! my numbers are painfully low!

- Still a BIG work in progress! The more of the other things I tick off, the closer I get to focusing on really dealing with traffic!

7. New Camera. Either DSLR or Mirrorless:

This ties into 1 and 2! I learn pretty quickly how to use this current camera, and I feel the more comfortable I am playing with my own camera, the better I'll get! So I'm VERY much ready to invest in a camera!

- I DID IT!!! I LOVE my Canon Mirrorless M3! It's ideal for travelling, taking selfies, vlogging and more! I LOVE the wifi connectivity option! I can load pictures directly to my phone, edit and post!


8. Get my Macbook:

This ties in with a few. Whether it's editing photos or videos, creating better quality content. I've had PC's my entire life and am now seeing the value in SOME apple products! So I'd like to buy a 2nd hand one too!

- Sooooooo, I stated above that I wanted a second hand one and was only a fan of some Apple products. Yeah, that's not the case! I GOT A BRAND NEW Macbook Air!!! I'M IN LOVE!!! I also, as stated above, got an Iphone 7+...SO I guess you could say i'm completely converted!!



9. Start creating videos/youtube channel:

This one is another one I've been big on! I've done videos before (very low quality) and am dying to really get into it! I genuinely enjoy doing it and want to learn more about it! Plus I feel it's an excellent way to really allow my viewers to really get to know me!

- Now that the camera and the Macbook, what I will get is a video editing program and then I'll start this holiday season! I'm very excited!!

10. Get A LOT more engagement & subscribers:

I think the biggest thing I'm hoping for is getting to know more people. It's one of THE MAIN reasons I started a more professional blog! I want to learn and then share what I learn, inform and motivate others!

At this point i'm still working on this portion. I'm still trying to figure out how to get more engagement and that's why I want to find a good course that might help me!

+11. Re-brand My blog and branding scheme:

While I love my blog ATM I know I'm going to want to re-brand my blog to better represent who I am. I've grown since the beginning of my blog and I know what I want more now than I did when I started!

- This was the first step to my transformation. I decided about 2 months before my 1 year blogg anniversary that I wanted to relaunch on my anniversary with a look/brand scheme that was TOTALLY aligned with who I am and what I really represent! So I got my logo re-designed and went to work! I Love the way my blog looks today and I hope others do too!

My new logo is:


There it is! I have to say in 6 months I'm pretty proud of what I've achieved and I can't wait to see where I'll be in another 6 months from today!

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How have you and your blog grown in the past 6 months? What do you think I could do to complete my list of? Tips on engagement? Shoot it in the comments section below! Until Next time!

Yours Truly,

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