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3 Steps to an Emotional/Personal Breakthrough

3 Steps to an Emotional/Personal Breakthrough


Welcome back! Today's post takes on a more serious topic! Self help if you will and something I picked up from listening to awesome podcasts from AMAZING Motivational speakers! I want to make it clear, these are not my original thoughts, but rather my take on the teachings from Mr. Tony Robbins! Scroll down & I'll share what I've learned!










1. Strategy:  

Have you ever sat back and thought about the way you go after what you want? Do you find you have a hard time following through with what you want? Then I think you need to consider your STRATEGY. 

What specific steps have you laid out to go after the things you want? Every good team has a strategy! A game plan, and a set of specific steps to take to get to the other side of your dreams! It's a specific way to do something! And if you notice you're not moving forward, not progressing, one of the things you need to re-consider and tweak is your strategy!! Sit down before you start a new venture and consider how you plan to keep going! Be serious about your strategy, but willing to reevaluate when & if the time comes!





2. Story:

They say the STORY you tell yourself is just as important as the one you tell others. Why? Because the moment you tell yourself you can, it's done, the moment you build doubt, fear and failure will follow!

Build the confidence! Tell yourself and others that what you're going after, what you want is already a done deal! Tell yourself the positive story is the difference between belief and motivation and not moving forward! When you're talking to your friends or family speak positively, don't talk about all the hardships you face, don't harp on the negative past, praise the positive and fruitful future you see in front of you! You CAN & WILL get there! You have to believe it, even and especially if no one else does!



3. State:

Are you conscious of how you feel daily? Or how your emotions play into your day and what happens as you go on? Are you cognizant of how your emotions affect the rest of your day? How one bad thought can have a ripple affect causing the rest of your day to go wrong and you have a flurry of other bad thoughts!?

The last thing and probably the first thing as well you should consider is your STATE OF MIND. The story you tell yourself is extremely important, but how you FEEL when you're speaking positives into your life is extremely important! You need to feel good, happy, and like success is in your destiny! You need to feel hopeful and know without a shadow of a doubt it's coming! Feel as though success has already happened, when you can really sit down and let yourself get excited and feel those emotions of excitement of achieving your goals wash over you. It works, probably more than you'll ever no! 


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Having a mental block? Trying to move forward but not sure how? Here are 3 Steps to a Breakthrough! Click here for these awesome steps today!

Are you facing a road block? Or struggling to get through a mental block? Consider the steps I shared above and let me know how they work! Share in the comments below any other ideas I might have missed to get to a breakthrough! Until then,

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