21 Ways to Take Amazing Flay Lay Photos for your Blog

21 ways to take amazing flat lay photos!!

Today I'm bringing you tips and tricks that will help you take better flat lay photographs for your blog! Photography tips that help all throughout my blogging journey!


  1. choose your items carefully
  2. practice your item placement and take a few practice shots
  3. Look at other flat lay styles on instagram and pinterest. Then practice doing a similar layout
  4.  Pick items that work together & tell a story
  5. Pick items that make sense to your caption or that can be used in any general caption
  6.  Take some photos's that can be used daily, in any situation.
  7.  Try to encompass your blog/brand colors SOMETIMES (other times you want to be neutral so you can use them for
  8.  USE NATURAL Lightening (it's actually the BEST)
  9. When using items, use an UNEVEN #, 3 or 5 items works great
  10. Take A LOT of photos. Seriously. Ill take 190 and sometimes use 30...it happens!

  11. Take a lot of photos and Re-ARRANGE your items a lot as well.
  12.  Put your main object in the center or off to the far left or right.
  13. Use and maintain negative space (white space)
  14. Try to take your blog photos in advance (before you post) and look at your images before, what can you add? change or improve?
  15.  USE A CAMERA...I know they same it's ok to use your phone and IT IS. But I've tested it and taking one photo on my camera (even my point and shoot one) versus my phone is still widly better on a camera
  16. Don't ditch your Point and shoot camera just yet. Not everyone can afford a DSLR but a point and shoot Camera can do the trick in the  mean time and help you in your beginning blogger journey.
  17.   Use a balance of smaller items + bigger items. Although, sometimes one big item with a few smaller items work too.
  18.  If you're taking a photo of clothes or an outfit, style it as if you're wearing it! People like to be able to really visualize the look you're talking about
  19. Use a Grid viewer(RULE OF THIRDS) if you can, on your camera or phone and line up your main item to meet the middle of one of the grid lines.(
  20.  Use items people can identify as definitely you/yours/your brand (there's A LOT of free stock photo's out there and it's nice every now and then to let people know, "hey, I took this awesome photo!" And certain items will become identifying pieces for your brand!)
  21. Have fun and give yourself variety! I know for me when I first started I WAS STR-ESS-ED about what to use, how to use it how to style my photo's. Then I just started doing it the way I wanted to and they started to turn out great! I worried less about perfection and more about personal satisfaction....after all, that's why we're doing this right?
 Another EPIC list 21 ways to take amazing flat lays for your blog Click here for more info Subscribe for more great lists
Another EPIC list! 21 ways to take amazing flat lays for your blog! Click here for more info! Subscribe for more great lists!

What tips could you offer to other new bloggers? What tricks helped you get your flat lays down!? Share them with us down below!

Yours Truly,