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10 Things I Learned Working in an Office Setting: One Month Check In!

10 Things I Learned Working in an Office Setting: One Month Check In!

So since I started my new career [read about it here], I've experienced a lot of firsts! I've been so fortunate to learn and have shared what I've experienced and learned along the way with all of you! So today I'm re-caping what I learned after my first month working in a formal office setting for the first time! So Let's dive in!








It's been 3 months since I started my job, but one day as I sat at my desk, a month in, I decided to take note of how I was feeling on that day! I was filled with a lot of emotions, from fear, to anxiety and more. So based on my first month, this is how I was feeling.

Since then things & my thoughts have changed!

Office View -
  1.  Cliques Exist - While I thought I left this issue back in high school, I've come to terms that it never really dies. There are the few that will talk to anyone but the cliques and those very typical to a school setting exist in the office. 
  2. Clothes Watching - People actually watch what you wear. It's as if we all don't work in the same place and make money, to spend as we see fit. But people watch your outfits and actually comment on it. I don't know if this is extra odd to me as I worked in a gym setting for so long...but I'm just like....waah??😳
  3. Old School vs. New School -  So I noticed a bit of issues regarding really young people wanting to move up quickly and those who had been in the business longer, not necessarily liking this. I thought it was strange...but later grew to understand it a bit better. Young people are money hungry, not necessarily prepared to do the work that follows the promotion.
  4. Ambition is Key, but not too much - You have to be careful how much and often you take about wanting to do more, have more, achieve more. People can take it as you saying your dissatisfied, or that your current job is beneath you or not good enough.
  5. People Want to know your business, not necessarily you - I found in my first two weeks people asked me the bare minimal about me, but wanted to know about my path previously. And then never spoke to me again lol I thought that was a little odd.
  6. Big Boys only Play with the Big Boys - I think this has a lot to do with the large proportion of women working in the industry, but the larger roles going to the guys. So they take corporate golf days etc. I think it's like this everywhere.
  7. Coffee/tea Breaks are essential - It's important for a number of reasons, to look away from the screen and stretch your legs, to get to know people, and to take a break! I guess this is why they said the watering holes in offices are essential lol
  8. An Assertive Woman is Either Strong - Or A B! - Again I think this goes along with any industry you're in. So I've decided (again) if I want what I WANT out of this life, I'll maybe have to be the assertive, strong bi__hy woman sometimes lol
  9. Don't keep your desk too bare or too busy - By bringing things and setting up your desk is says, I'm sticking around. A desk that's too busy -- suggests an inability to focus and maintain order.
  10. Lunch Time is for socializing - Don't isolate yourself, if you get isolated, you stay isolated - Don't stick your headphones in your ears and eat alone with your back to people. They will think you're antisocial an uninterested in getting to know about others as well. It's not good, I know, I've been struggling with it. The introvert in me comes out.


As you can see I wrote this post when I was having a bit of a rough time lol it's gotten a lot less intense and I understand the dynamics a lot more now. But that first month...phew, it was a doosy

Happy Lady - Working In an office today!

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I have to say It was an intense ride my first month at my new job! So I'm sharing "10 Things I learned working in an Office Setting" You could  call this, the good, the bad, the ugly & more! Click to check it out!

Share with me your initial thoughts of your first month at a new job! Did it change? Did you fit into the mold? Let's talk in the comments section below!

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