10 Favorite Valentines Day Themed Nail Art to Try!

Today Is a Short and Sweet Post! Sharing some of my favorite Valentines Day Nail Art I've always admired! How DO they get their hearts so neat! Scroll down and check them out!





While  I love all the fun and super fancy creative designs, I have a silent love for the simple, sleek looks, so here are just 10 of my favorite V-Day Nail Art Designs!

1. Polka - Hearts


 PURE SKILL and patience!! LOVEEEEE IT!


2. Ombre Pink + Hearts


Always love a good ombre effect, so when you add your hearts, it's just perfect for Valentines day themes!


3. Love


Nothing like a CLEAN simple background and through some love in there...just perfect.


4. Red Hearts


Simple, sleek and adorable!


5. X&O's with my Heart


This one is another of my ABSOLUTE favorites based on it's creativity and clean execution!


6. Stripes and a Heart too


The stripes and placement of the heart are spot on!


7. White Heart


I love this one especially for the base color chosen, I'm quite smitten with these shades lately!


8. Floating Hearts


These remind me of the emoji hearts, kinda like them!


9. Glitter Heart


The heart might be shaped with a stencil but still so good!


10. Heart Balloons


One of my absolute favorites for it's simplicity AND creativity! So clean and well done!!



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Well there you have it! Seen any designs YOU'D like to try? Tell me which one was your favorite in the comments box below!