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Perfect Summer Pedicure Mailer Kit

Perfect Summer Pedicure Mailer Kit

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Wow! We’re back and Its been too long. I won’t rant on and on and make excuses as to why. I just know life and balance is sometimes hard to find.


I’m excited to bring you my first tutorial in a long time! This amazing pedicure kit was sent to me #ad and I can say I was super excited to try it out! Gel nail polish is the new thing and I always take a while before I try things out so this opportunity came right on time for a summer of fresh pedicures!

Can we start with the adorable packaging! It was delivered like a true care package, wrapped up like a gift I couldn’t wait to open! It came with everything one needs to execute a perfect pedicure and maintain soft and nice feet all summer long, they even provided a step by step guide to ensure you can’t mess it up!

So let’s dive into each item and each step:

Step One - Healthy Start

So before you can throw nail polish on you HAVE to make sure you have healthy nails and overall healthy nails. So started with fungi cure is essential. Make sure you treat whatever is going on or starting to appear. Fungicure is an anti-fungal liquid created to act quickly to help eliminate fungus infections of the finger and toe areas.


Step Two - Soft Skin

The second step is to make sure after you treat any potential treat of fungal infection, you soothe you feet! I don’t know about you, but after work my feet can use some soothing, some sweet Dr. Teal’s Lavender Mini Salt. This is a small bag of Epsom salts specific for your feet. Not only will the fresh lavender scent ease your mind and body, but soaking your feet in warm water helps cleanse feet and toenails while softening the skin to prep your feet for a pedicure. This is why when you go to a salon, they do it in this order too, they soak, clean, clip and wash then polish, dry and go!


Step Three - Smooth Feet

This is a practice I think we should do every shower. That rough skin, the calluses that build up require attention. Spend time on the skin on the bottom and the sides of your feet. Scrub during a shower or a soak. The Trim Pumice Stone Foot Brush is designed with a stone side and a brush. After soaking my feet I wet the pumice stone in warm water and gently rub over the rough areas in a circular motion to smooth away dead skin and calluses.

This was really a calming experience and made me realize I need to do this more often!

Step Four - Flawless Toes

This next step is crucial if you’re not a “pro” at applying nail polish.Now to apply nail polish and avoid mess you can use Trim toe Separators if you don’t have a steady hand slip the trip toe separators between your toes to separate them while applying your favourite summer color. Wait until your toes are dry before removing them and there you have it!


Step Five - SensatioNail

The final and most important step - get the nail polish applied and let it dry! This at home gel polish kit is amazing! SensatioNail’s innovative Express Gel goes on like a regular polish except it doesn’t chip and can stay shiny up to 10 DAYS! I Love this kit because it comes complete with a manicure stick, double sided nail buffer and an LED lamp to seal in the gel polish.

This kit was a dream. Easy set up - you put your hands/toes in there - the LED lights up for 30 seconds - at the 15 second mark it blinks to let you know it’s almost done.

The LED light helps to speed up the drying process and minimize smudge! I LOVE the LED light!


The Verdict -

I am an absolute fan of this kit! And as an avid user of nail polish, I love nothing more than having a pedi last almost two weeks without any issues and without having to spend an arm and a leg! SensatioNAIL provides it!

Let’s just say this kit is going to get some SERIOUS use this summer!

Thanks again to Brill for this amazing opportunity and package of items that couldnt be more perfect for the nail polish, mani -pedi lovers out there!

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Until Next Time Lovelies,

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