Collection Round Up + My Favorite Brands to Date

Well As Ms. Polished Opinion, I figured it was time to give you all a real look at my nail polish collection, a round- up of how many I have in total, and a chat about some of my favorite brands I have as well as the brands I want to try next! So Scroll down and let's get into it!







I think this post is for me as much as it is for all of you! I've not done a count up of all my nail polishes in quite some time! So in this post we'll see how many I have in total, per brand and more! Do you think I'm a little crazy? Let me know on some of my favorite social media outlets!

Nail Polish Storage:

It's Time!! I'm sharing my Nail Polish Storage, collection count and how I keep my polishes organized! Click here for more info!

So originally I did a DIY and made my own 6 TIER nail polish rack! And it was good...until it started caving in from the weight of my polishes (yes, I had A LOT!)! So for my birthday a few years ago I searched amazon for an affordable, large rack to ask for and then I found them and got them (two of them) as a gift!

I liked it so much and found it easy to assemble! It's awesome because it's designed to hold 60 nail polishes! Here's the link and image of my rack on! It was $34.99 CAD and we got two!

Collection Round Up: 

184 Nail Polish Bottles in Total!!!

I'm a little surprised lol

  • LEFT RACK: 59 Bottles
  • RIGHT RACK: 57 Bottles
  • LOOSE: 18 Bottles
  • Mini Polishes: 4 Formula X -- O.P.I Hawaii Collection Set 12
  • Nail Stripers: 27
  • Nail Care: 7

Brand Collection Round Up:

  • Sally Hansen 29
  • Essie 6
  • O.P.I 12 mini - 8 big bottles
  • Sinful Colors: 10
  • Color Club: 8
  • Avon: 13
  • Funky Fingers: 5
  • L.A. Girl: 11
  • KleanColor: 9
  • H&M: 2
  • Deborah Lippman: 1
  • Random: 19

My favorite nail polish brands are, as some of you might already know lol, Sally Hansen, right now I'm IN LOVE with the insta-dri, not just for it's quick drying, but the overall quality, the opaqueness, it's just a really quality nail polish!

I like ESSIE as well, but notice some of them separate a lot and I hate seeing nail polish and oil separate so quickly!

O.P.I is quality, you truly do get what you pay for, but for affordability AND quality, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is where it's at! 



I wanted to make it so I could see my polishes true color so when I'm searching for a color, I know exactly what brand, name and color I'm looking for, how opaque it is!

Nail Polish Color Categorization System:

So what I do is take loose false nails. Toothpicks, and coffee sticks:

  • I glue a toothpick on the inside of the nail
  • then I glue that toothpick to one side of the coffee stick and let it dry.
  • Then I write out the name and or polish number
  • The color code it in my little makeshift organizer!

What needs to happen and will be happening is a HUGE PURGE! My collection has a lot of duds and polishes I haven't touched in a year. So, I will be getting RID of a BUNCH of them and then updating my NEW polish collection count! Phew, that was a lot of work lol Hope you enjoyed it!


LIKE it?? PIN it!!

It's Time!! I'm sharing my Nail Polish Storage, collection count and how I keep my polishes organized! Click here for more info!

What do you guys think of my collection?? Should I do a MAJOR downsize?? Have you heard of all the brands I listed? I know I have a few random ones! Let me know what you think about my collection in the comments below!