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Career Change: Wardrobe upgrade + Fashion Icon Inspiration!

Career Change: Wardrobe upgrade + Fashion Icon Inspiration!

With so much going on in my head, I'm silently freaking out but as always, I consider what I'm going to wear!! So as the change draws nearer, I have to consider how I'm going to switch it up and WHO I'm taking my fashion inspiration from! Scroll down to see who inspires me and some outfit plans!









So I've been thinking A LOT lately about my upcoming career change and the SERIOUS wardrobe face-lift that will have to come with it....and I'm scared LOL. I have (somehow) never been in an environment where I couldn't just throw my hair up in a messy bun and call it a day. Having to pull myself together every morning is going to be a huge stretch for me. So..naturally I starting thinking about what I'm going to need and started a Pinterest board to get some inspo!


Today I'm sharing my fashion inspiration! ...And if you guessed who she is before seeing her, then you ALREADY know me VERY well!



Olivia Pope!

Photo Source   Here

Photo Source Here

Obvi right!? A strong, driven, successful, powerful woman who stands ALL UP in her shoes and demands respect! Who ELSE! 

Now I know what you're thinking....girl, Olivia Pope doesn't wear just any old rags, and I'm like I KNOW! But she inspires me so much in the kind of style I will be aiming for!

So let's dive into the looks I've created!

I own the featured purse! It was a Christmas gift from the mom and the beginning of a fashion revamp! I love this look because it can be cozy-ied up in a moment with the long warm cardigan! Especially as we know most offices are cold!

Big Changes mean, NEW WARDROBE!? Am I right!? So I'm looking at my favorite fashion inspiration and how I plan to give my wardrobe the face-lift it needs! Click to read more!

As I've come a long way, I know that pink, which once was NOT apart of my wardrobe, has come a long way and will continue to grace my new wardrobe! I LOVE this pink and grey look, cause I'm loving grey of late and they compliment each other!

Now, You know just like Ms. Olivia Pope I had to share a STATEMENT coat! She is the reason coats went HUGELY back into style!! The way she'd flash around a corner, or throw her coat on and storm out of a room! She just...ugh. I want one of these now too!! And nothing like a simple black and white combo!!


Another Color combo I love and plan to try more! I love warm browns with a cool navy blue! I just adore these pants too! 

What I love about Olivia Pope that inspires me is her clean, crisp, well thought out and put together outfits! They say you can tell a lot about a person by how they dress, and her clothes always say "WOMAN IN CHARGE!" And that's definitely MY kind of Lady!


Well there you have it! I'm excited to tell you ALL about my new Career venture soon as well as my wardrobe face-lift! It's all a big change for me but I'm pretty sure I was made to wear clothes like this! Stay Tuned and Tell me which outfit you liked the best in the comments below! 

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