Value Check: Accessory Review - Charming Charlie

Every Wondered About Charming Charlie? Is their Jewelry Worth It?

So I'm obviously a lover of jewelry, as my collection is huge (I'll share it with you all soon!). So I always like to try out the new costume jewelry & apparel stores....are people still calling them that? Idk. Anyway! I went to  Charming Charlie at my local mall here. First off, let me say I LOVE their decor. Very Chic and diva-licious. Secondly, as a Virgo and Organized Freak, I LOVED their layout, Items were organized by color, by gem color and more. That's a virgo's wet dream kind of store! I wasn't greeted right away (and this wasn't the first time that happened) however, I wasn't too bothered by that. I just bopped over to the section I figured would have what I was looking for! 

I was shopping for the wedding I recently went to, [ootd post here] [wedding post here]. So I started looking around, got distracted then found just what I was looking for! I found the prices to be affordable for the everyday person, and the quality seemed pretty worth it! I also adore the little pink bag that they gave me. I love bags like this! I've worn it since purchasing it and I kind of threw it in my overnight bag, half worrying that would be the end of it! It's still intact! The links actually feel quite sturdy!

So I'm going to give this one a WORTH IT stamp of approval!

Every Wondered About Charming Charlie? Is their Jewelry Worth It?

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