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8 Pieces to Invest In This Season: Spring Fashion

8 Pieces to Invest In This Season: Spring Fashion

Spring is in the air! Legs are getting shaved, winter coats are being packed away and Spring shopping is in full swing! So I've been naturally looking at the trends to note! So I thought I'd share a few of the trends I'M most excited about! So Scroll down for 8 SPRING PIECES TO INVEST IN THIS SEASON!






Who doesn't love a new season to shop for! So let's dive in to some of my favorites this season!


1. Dark Floral's

So it's know real surprise that floral print is in this Spring but the added dark tone is something a lover of black is excited about! There everywhere!


2. Bomber Jackets

This is a trend I at first was resisting but have been slowly coming around to! Especially with the assortment of colors and prints! Here are a few I spotted!


3. Robe Jacket/ Maxi Jacket 

This one I like a lot but based on my height I'm not sure I'll be able to enjoy too much lol

4. Stripes

This Spring Stripes are in! Color stripes and mismatched in size are popular too!

5. Cold Shoulder/Off the Shoulder

This one is crossing over from fall to Spring but still so good


6. Statement Sunglasses

I don't usually indulge in a cute pair of sunnies as I need mine to be prescription, however the sunglasses these days are just too cute to ignore and when I wear them it's not so bad!


7. Block Heels

I'm SUPER excited for this trend coming over from last summer! As I have a LONG term love with heels and a syndrome that makes it super difficult to wear thinner heels, this trend is for me to enjoy!


8. Blush Pink/ Rose Gold/ Old Pink

As we know, I love pink/ blush! So yes..this trend continues to give me life!

I always enjoy creating these posts! Not only do I learn about the new trends but I get to share all the awesome trends with you! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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Spring Is In The Air! And with a New Season means New Fashion Trends!!! Click here to check out 8 Pieces To Invest in this Season: Spring Fashion

Time to find those killer deals, now that we know what's in! What trend listed are you excited about?? What trend might I have missed that you can't wait to indulge in?? Share it with me in the comments down below!


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