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My Journey: Learning About Make up +Why It's OKAY to Not be Perfect!

My Journey: Learning About Make up +Why It's OKAY to Not be Perfect!

Welcome Back Lovelies! Today I'm getting a little personal and talking about my make up journey, growing beauty collection, learning how to do make up and How I came to realize it's OKAY to not be perfect! I hope me being vulnerable will make others feel safer about NOT being perfect as well! Enjoy!





So, where do I even begin? Let's take it back a bit! I'm 28 years old, and JUST learning about make-up!! Some might wonder why...well, I tried it in my early 20's and had an extreme break-out, so I basically threw it all out and said..."Nope, it's just not for me, my skin is too oily"...shout out to my oily skinned sisters out there! It's a struggle! Anyway, fast-forward to 2016, personal growth and more I decided I wanted to take another stab at it...ESPECIALLY as there are so many gorgeous bloggers and v-loggers out there, I wanted (quite desperately) to have that amazing flawless look! 

Here are a few examples of my favorite blogger/v-loggers who SLAY the make-up life!

Ok...So now that you've taken in all the BEAUTY..Breath..Let's move on! So, after having an annoying complex about my dark skinned complexion, then falling in love with these beautiful women that looked like ME, I decided, I want to try again!

So the beauty buys began! Here are some recent purchases!

I started small with lipsticks at first and eye shadows (basics and my safe zone for a long time) Then I decided, Okay, time to RE-Invest in some of the big girl basics(foundation) and re-learn what I thought I knew, all over again. My bestie (AND ALSO make-up magician) took me to Sephora and Slayed my face! I couldn't believe I could look like that!

Make up done by Caroline...Magician, cause she made ME look like THIS ^^!

So as I keep learning, buying make up, playing with it, reading (Cause I'm a nerd and that's really how I learn) youtub-ing and pinteresting, I've come to one PIVOTAL decision in this new found love and journey of mine. As a known perfectionist, I'v decided I can NOT let perfectionism take away from this path that I've decided to embark on. Why? Because I've let my desire to be perfect in the past RUIN things for me, I get bogged down in the minute details and the need for it to be JUST RIGHT that I lose sight of what it is I'm even trying to do. 

Now, a lot of you might think, Karita, it's make-up, it's not THAT serious...and you're right, but it's not JUST about make-up, it's about learning to re-invent myself when I feel like it, without feeling the urge to compete, to be the best. For a long time I was insecure about everything, so perfectionism got me to a place where I started getting what I wanted, being successful, so I thought that was the only way to do it. I often made fun things NOT fun anymore, it was messing with relationships, I become negative and I COMPLAINED!!

That Is not the Karita I want to be, so today I'm sharing this, to ONE show my adorable most recent make-up buys, and TWO to declare that this journey is about finding my POLISHED self, because I will never find my PERFECT self. I will always have that desire to do well, but I have to decide what my polished path looks like, over the unattainable perfect path. 

I'm still learning as I go, I'm NOT perfect, but TODAY (yesterday when this post goes live) I did my make-up and it's not perfect, not even a little bit, but I am STILL so proud of it. So I am sharing it with you...because If I can't OWN My imperfections, how I can I tell others to embrace themselves and LOVE their OWN Polished Path, whatever THEY DECIDE that may look like.

So Here I am, in all my imperfect glory! #AndISlay 

What's the moral of this long story? We all have to decide what's going to be worth stressing over and what's not worth stressing over. I've decided, being PERFECT Is not realistic, and with this make-up game I may NEVER learn to contour, do a slick winged liner, or highlight like a champ. BUT I will be proud of what I have accomplished, and keep on rolling! 

Plus, Perfection?....It's not as fun! 

Whatever it is you decide to do with your time, your passions, your life, I pray you decide to be a more POLISHED version of yourself..and forget Perfection! What is the one thing that you've overcome in your life that once might have been debilitating? Challenging? I'd love to know, let's talk in the comments down below!


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