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Winter Wardrobe: Wood Watch Review + GIVEAWAY!!

Winter Wardrobe: Wood Watch Review + GIVEAWAY!!

Back Again with something EXCITING!! If you guys remember I talked about my upcoming wardrobe upgrade, read it HERE. So I thought what better way to start the upgrade, than with a stunning piece of arm candy! So let's dive IN to my review of the Wood Watch and scroll all the way down for GIVEAWAY details!!


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So let's talk about it! When I got this watch in the mail. I decided I had to wear it for a solid week before I shared my review! Let's start with the packaging! If you don't know, I love me a good storage box! If a product comes in packaging I can throw away, they've already started off on the wrong foot. BUT THIS BOX...oh my gosh! I could tell right off the bat that this was the kind of brand that takes pride in their appearance!! I mean, it came in what looks like a hand crafted box specifically designed to hold and protect my watch! I LOVE it! 

JORDwatch-womens watch-cool watch
unique watch - giveaway details

Firstly, my watch is a REECE series with walnut wood and a navy finish! Once setting the time and figuring out how to clasp the watch (I haven't worn a nice watch in a long time so it took me longer than it would the average watch wearer lol) It fit like a glove! Setting the time was easy, and the watch came with extra links just in case my wrist needed some more room, but it fits perfectly! And I usually have problems with a lot of sliding with watches because I have an extremely small wrist, I feel secure in knowing that this watch isn't going anywhere while I'm wearing it!

JORDwatch-giveaway details-available

Since wearing it I've gotten so many compliments from the quality of the wood, to the face design and shape, which I just love the black background as I wear a lot of black!  From my mom asking me when she can borrow it to my boyfriends mom saying it was a fabulous idea for those with metal allergies, the one thing I've gotten is that they LOVE how unique this watch really is! And once I've told them about their variety of watches, from men's watches to women's watches, the one thing that can't be ignored is the cool designs and options for everyone!

JORD - Men's Wood watch review and GIVEAWAY!

I love that I can dress this up or wear it in a casual manner! Whether it's with my gold accents or my rose gold accents. IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING! I can put on my many sweater picks and not have to worry about it matching, it always does! I LIVE for versatile accessory pieces, they instantly become a "go to" item because I know they just GO with everything!

JORD - Cool Wood watch review and GIVEAWAY!
JORD -Women's Wood watch review and GIVEAWAY!

From big sweaters, to my accent scarves!

JORD - Unique Wood watch review and GIVEAWAY!

All I know is I'm honestly in love with it! It's with me (safely resting on it's pillow) as I visit my boyfriend and it's quickly become apart of my everyday wardrobe and as I continue to evolve, at least I know a cool watch piece, is already checked off my list of needs!

Now Scroll down for some EXCITING NEWS!!

JORD -Wood watch review and GIVEAWAY!


My watch is a REECE series! SHOP for it---> HERE

Main website link is here --> HERE  


And now for the EXCITING NEWS!!! JORD watches and I have teamed up to bring you an AWESOME giveaway that gives EVERYONE a little something, just for entering, a $25 PROMO CODE JUST FOR YOU!!! So click the link below and enter asap!! You'll get a little something JUST for entering along with being entered into the grand prize draw!


**The giveaway will close 03/12/2017 at 11:59pm.

JORD -Wood watch review and GIVEAWAY!

I have to say I enjoyed creating this post and am so grateful for this collaboration! It's a first for Polished Opinion and I hope to see many more! 

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Wondering about those Wood Watches? Click to read my review & ENTER our GIVEAWAY!! Head to polishedopinion.com for more details!

What do you think about the JORD Watches that are taking over the scene?! Have you entered the giveaway!? Let me know in the comments section down below!!

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