Healthy Beauty With Klara: Skin Care Upgrade - Consultation & First Impression

Healthy Beauty With Klara!

As women and consumers we're influenced by skin care product commercials & advertising every day, but how much do we REALLY know about PROPER skin care? On today's blog I'm sharing my first impression and skin care consultation with a skin care professional!

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Being able to connect with a skin care professional who isn't looking to just push products on you, and make a sale is a hard thing to find! So I was over the moon when I connected with Klara! She's a Toronto based, skin care professional, with over 13 years of experience!

Once a professional model, she knows all too well the importance of beautiful skin! That importance hasn't wavered over time, in fact it's gotten even more important! With selfies being taken everywhere, people putting themselves out there in videos and online, the skin care industry (along with the make up industry) has sky-rocketed!

Klara's goal is to teach women how to have healthy skin! She knows women are trying to achieve healthy skin and she believes that proper products and KNOWLEDGE of products is key! She know's we're all after younger, healthier, smoother looking skin so for her, knowledge is power! And that's what she offers, click HERE to contact her today!

CHI Spa in Downtown Toronto!

Once I got to the beautiful Chi Spa Klara was working at, I was IMMEDIATELY struck by her beauty and her NATURALLY glowing skin!!! I couldn't believe it! She has immaculate, smooth, clean skin! After introducing ourselves, she got down to business!

The Consultation

We sat down and Klara begin to ask me questions about what I look for in skin care products, as well as what are my problem areas (what am I trying to remedy)? 

The great thing about this consultation is she looks at all your skin care products and quickly scans for HARMFUL ingredients that may be making your problems worse rather than better, all the while explaining what these harmful products do to your skin and WHY it's not good for you!

She then has you lay down and she evaluates your skin! I'm talking, bright light, magnified mirror, a real evaluation. 

She then identifies some potential problem areas that may need further car, but she ALWAYS makes it clear "it's up to you". I liked that a lot, it was a know pressure type of meeting while still being informative without that dreadful sales pitch at the end! As far as I'm concerned, once you're going to Klara, you'll see the value of investing in her time and your skin!

Look How She Glows!!!

Look How She Glows!!!

A few days after meeting, Klara then sent me a list of products to invest in to replace my current products (and again she explains WHY!). 

She makes sure to include products that are within your price point and easy accessible, but any other product that's on the pricier side, again she explains why it's worth the investment, and it's not just products she can gain from me purchasing that she suggests, it's all kinds!

I'm Sharing my #UPGRAGEMYLIFE Journey with you all! So I'm so excited to share my first visit with Klara the Healthy Skin Professional and fellow boss babe! Click HERE to read my first impression & review!

Product Switch

And now it begins! I'm now in the process of changing my products out to see if and HOW it will make an impact on my skin!

How will it go? Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning! Episode 2 - Coming Soon!

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I'm Sharing my #UPGRAGEMYLIFE Journey with you all! So I'm so excited to share my first visit with Klara the Healthy Skin Professional and fellow boss babe! Click to read my first impression & review!

Does your skin care regimen need a face lift? How have you changed it? Or how could you change it for the better? If you're in the Toronto area you & want to meet with a trustworthy skin care professional, I definitely suggest Klara!

Yours Truly,