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GIFT GUIDE: 12 Great Gift Ideas for the Beauty Blogger in your Life

GIFT GUIDE: 12 Great Gift Ideas for the Beauty Blogger in your Life

So I've decided to try something new! I've seen a lot Gift Guides for your Bestie, your Boyfriend, and more! What about for the beauty blogger or beauty enthusiast in your life! So I've come up with a short series for the different types of bloggers in your life and what gifts to get them! Scroll down for my list + A gift from me to you!







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So I've got 12 great gift ideas for that special blogger beauty blogger or enthusiast in your life! Cause we all need a little representation! So let's dive into this awesome list!

1. Beauty Blender + Cleaner or Real Techniques Blender

Photo Source + Link to buy HERE

Photo Source + Link to buy   HERE

Photo Source + Link to buy HERE

Cause what make-up lover wouldn't love a beauty blender they DIDN'T have to buy lol

2. New Make-Up Brush Set

Photo Source + Link to buy HERE

My Set from Last Year!

My Set from Last Year!

Last Year I bought a LOVELY Sephora Brand brush set I just fell in love with, this time of the year you can find an amazing selection of them!

3. Make Up Organizer or Bag Set

Photo Source Here

I know that these days most beauty lovelies loves a good make-up organizer and amazon truly has some goodies, so why not order this beauty for one of your beauty blogger/enthusiast loves! Click the link to order it!

4. Cellphone Selfie Ring Light

Photo Source Here

So at first I saw this and thought...stupid idea! Then I remembered that Selfie Case for IPhone's, and realized this is a good idea and this is great for us Android or Google phone users! So I looked up the reviews on Amazon and Youtube, and I've decided I'll order one too! Click the link in the middle to buy one for yourself!

5. Philosophy Skin-Care/Face Wash

Photo Source + Link to Buy Here

This is great! I learned about this through my make-up magician bestie, she told me the 3-1 Purity face was, is amazing for taking off make up so I saw this and thought this is a great set to give someone who needs to take care of their skin! Every beauty babe needs to take care of their skin too!

6. Nail Polish Collection/Set

Photo Source + Link to buy Here

Again, got one of these last Christmas and Just LOVE This Nail polish Brand! If you're not big on polish but love a good complimenting set, this is the brand to ask for, they release an assortment of sets for the holiday! This could be a stocking stuffer or apart of a batch of smaller gifts!

7. Face/Eye/Cheek Palette of their choice

Left Glow Kit Link       Middle Contour Kit Link       Right Eye shadow kit Link

What make-up lover ISN'T going to love a good palette, whether it's for the face, eyes or cheeks! Plus they're awesome to photograph (before diving in and messing it up!). If you love the beauty blogger in your life you'll let them give you a list of their favorites and you choose one! 

8. Facial/ Face massage

Photo Source + Group-on Link HERE

A beauty blogger/lover will LOVE you for this one! Someone pampering them or giving them some SERIOUS tips on how to have that smooth skin they love! How could you go wrong!? Do you research on this one and pick a good one!

9. Beauty Samples Kit

Photo Source Here

If you're not sure what they like, consider what they might have already and find a nice gift set to surprise them with! This one is just amazing right!?

10. Sephora (Or Any beauty store they like) Gift Card

Photo Source  Here

Photo Source Here

If you're beauty babe is a picky one, as most are with their make-up, load up a gift card and give it to them. Cause the ONLY thing better than some make-up/beauty items for Christmas, is the chance to BUY whatever they want with YOUR money!! Trust me, they won't be disappointed!

11. Perfume Roller ball Set

Photo Source + LInk to buy Here

I found that these are amazing for an outing and you want to maintain your sweet scent. Roller balls are great if you can use it as a top up or if you need it for a quick introduction, just slide them on the top points for perfume and go! So pick a cute set and carrying case if you can, they'll love it...cause it's perfume!

12. Plush Blanket/Pillow for product shots

Photo Source Here

Getting one of these is more for the beauty blogger who loves to take product shots A clean, white shaggy/faux fur rug or blanket is always a great accent piece, plus other than that it's just generally a loved gift! Order one with the link above!


I Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it! Expect THREE MORE to follow! Anything I missed you would have added!? Anything on this list YOU'D want for yourself! Tell me about it in the comments below!

Also, for the Holiday's I'm sharing Christmas Themed Wallpapers!

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