Healthy Beauty With Klara: Skin Care Product: Buy's, Tries & Reviews!

I'M BACK!! We're talking about Skin care products today! I'm doing a part 2 of my Healthy Beauty with Klara series! Part One is HERE I'm Sharing what I was told at the end of my consultation and product evaluation, what I needed to stop doing and what products I needed to buy! Scroll down to see my NEW skin care product haul & regimen!





So as I had mentioned at the end of my HBK first post, I talked about getting the products that Klara suggested to me based on my needs and ingredients in products! So I went to work on purchasing the items!


So without any more delay, here are my new skin care products, mainly the basic products of any good skin care regimen! So Lett me introduce each product and in what way they are meant to be used!


Every good skin care regimen needs a soothing, cleanser, with ingredients that aren't harsh on your skin or counter productive to your needs! This product is ideal for me as it removes make-up, isn't harsh and doesn't have ingredients that cause more oils to be produced. This one is for normal to oily skin! Love it so much!



My Toner is meant to keep oil and shine at bay, create a luminous shine and eventually clear up my skin! I love it! My First Clinique product and it was a great suggestion!



The next thing I bought was my moisturizer. This is meant to keep oil down and provide spf protection and start working on anti-aging! I'm not being obsessed about the anti-aging but It's good to be proactive rather than reactive! Also, I need to start taking the sun more seriously and protect myself! So far I'm a fan!

These three are my day to day basic products. What I need to use to build a good foundation for a good skin care regimen! 


This was recommended to me as I have an issue with the dark scars on my face. I'd like to get rid of them in a smart way and/or eliminate them all together. This is meant to use once I spot a pimple coming up, this way I can stop the dark mark before it happens! This is not meant to be used daily! Haven't used it yet so I'll keep you posted!


Exfoliating Brushes

I bought these brushes to help exfoliate! I don't use them daily, as it was advised overdoing it could cause more dark marks!!! SHOCKING!! I KNOW! Either way, I like to use one or the other at the end of the week to help remove the week of gunk, make up and stress! 

 The Process 

What's Next?

I plan to get better about my regimen, drinking water, working out and eating healthy and share how my face/skin evolves in the next 5 weeks! Then I'll share my update!

My Face

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Looking for a great skin care professional to help you get your skin care game on point? Live in the Toronto area? Contact Klara HERE. Have you used any of the products I've listed above? What are your thoughts? Share them with my in the comments section down below!

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