Cottage Front: The greatest place on earth, Cottage Weekend Getaway

Want to know where the greatest place on earth is? Click here to find out more!

Every group of friends has one spot that they can all call their spot. Every group of friends wants a place like that! Aside from our respective homes, THIS place is the place for my friends and I! It doesn't require a plane, or any long travelling times. It requires a filled gas tank, some good music and the highway.

I've been going to this place since my early teens. It holds so, SO many memories I could talk about them for hours! This place, is my best friends Cottage, in Ontario in a well known cottage country area. It's lake front and holds a special place in my heart.

As we've gotten older, we're starting business, advancing careers and more, it's harder than we'd like to get everyone together and out there. So this past weekend we did it! We gathered together and dived right in to the fun!

I could write about it for hours, and bore you (plus you might get a little jelly :p). So, instead I'll show you some fun in photos!



Is there a place you and your friends can always go to?

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