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#UPGRADEMYLIFE: Why I decided To start this Upgrade Journey? & What's New!?

#UPGRADEMYLIFE: Why I decided To start this Upgrade Journey? & What's New!?

Welcome BAACK!! We've finally Re-Launched & on the day I originally launched ONE YEAR AGO TODAY!! I'm So excited to be back online and sharing with you all the upgrades that's taken place in my life! I feel grateful and excited so let's dive right in!!




My Blog

Where do I begin?? Well when I came offline to start my upgrade it was after about a month of deliberating about the look of my blog. I was starting to feel uninspired and unhappy with the overall look of my blog! The esthetics and generally feel felt scattered and I was starting to lose interest in it. So I said, it's time to invest more time and MONEY and upgrade my logo, look and feel of my blog! So I researched a logo designer and got to work! While she was designing my logo and a few other things, I went to work on my end!

I also invested in a new camera, one that was EXACTLY what I wanted!

Canon M3 Mirrorless 

Canon M3 Mirrorless 

Two months and a few days of working daily and everything finally is starting to feel cohesive! I LOVE IT and am so inspired to take my blog further along with my desired look and feel of what I really want my blog to look & feel like to myself and you! 

My New Logo! Love It!!


So look around & tell me what you think!


My Job

As I had shared with you all previous to me coming offline,  I had passed my licensing exam and am now working at an amazing brokerage in the local area. I am so happy I found a career I can really excel at and see potential for a lot of growth and movement. I learn everyday and am so happy with the company I am working with! It's been 2 months & 3 weeks and I feel really good about it!


Now For me....Why and What am I upgrading about myself? I know what's probably what you're thinking...well It's nothing too crazy. I just have been thinking a lot about myself and, just like I wanted to upgrade the image of my blog and how it was representing me, the same goes for how I see myself and carry myself on a day to day basis. I wanted to feel outside how I felt inside. I know that sounds weird, but I wanted to feel as confident with my outward presentation as I did my overall presentation!

So I started with my wardrobe!

Since I started working I not only had to upgrade my wardrobe but I really wanted to! I'm happier with my wardrobe upgrade but it's not done yet (is a wardrobe upgrade ever complete?)

My Skin

My Skin care regiment needed a big time upgrade and overall re-evaluation! So I sought out professional help! That post will be coming later this week so stay tuned for that! But so far I'm buying all new skin care products based on the advice of this amazing professional!

My Teeth

I really wanted to upgrade my smile. No I'm not getting braces, I'm just whitening and upgrading my overall oral hygiene and daily practices! So I decided to invest in Carbon Coco and officially starting this week! My first impression post will also be coming soon, so stay tuned!


My Weight 

Also, I need to lose about a maximum of 20 lbs (cause I'm being realistic) so I'm getting back in the gym tomorrow, and starting back on my nutritional program! I want to feel comfortable in my clothes again!

Like It?? Pin IT!!

WE'RE BACK!! And it's time to catch up! Project #UpgradeMyLife is in full effect and I'm talking all about it on the blog today with our official relaunch!! Have you entered our giveaway!??

So there you have it! A bit about my time spent over the past two months upgrading! It's still a work in progress but I feel great about everything!

If you could pick one or two things to upgrade in your life today, What would they be?? Tell me in the comments section below!

Thanks for stopping by!

Yours Truly,

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