Reverse Bucket List: 10 Things I've ALREADY Crossed Off My List!

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A bit of an unusual post this time around! Today I'm sharing 10 things I've Already crossed of my bucket list! It's not a lot but I enjoyed accomplishing each and every one of them and can't wait to accomplish more! Scroll down and Hope you enjoy!








Sometimes you've got sit back and give thanks for the things you've already achieved rather than worry about the things that you haven't done! You still have time and the life you've lived up until this point is worth being excited about!


1. Left the country to meet a hot guy!

Yes I was wild and crazy lol we hung out for the weekend, but we'd been talking online for almost 3 years. Yep, total online romance thing lol It was fun and I was young!

2. Skinny Dipped was actually a bunch of my friends and I and we all did it at once! Again, I was young and it was definitely a summer of fun!

3. Went to a nude beach & got a little nude-ish!

It was actually a birthday present from a good friend lol odd gift? Not if you know me! It was...definitely an experience lol

4. Won a Radio Contest!

I won a free Heys Suitcase! Called into a radio station and totally won lol I couldn't believe it! I've actually won quite a few random contests!

5. Tried Out for a Reality TV Show!

Huge bucket list item, I'd still love to be on one actually but auditioning was freaking awesome! I think If I audition again, I'd be much better! I was still a bit shy when I did tut!

6. Sang In Front of a large gathering of people. Twice.

Being a once severely shy person, this was a HUGE deal for me! I sang at a wedding and a funeral! Both meant something to the people who asked me to and it was my honor! 

7. Went to Shooting/Gun Range - Twice!

This was another one I was super excited about! I still want to do paint balling but this was one above and I loved every minute of it!

Sharing what's Already checked off my bucket list! 10 Things I've Already Crossed Off my Bucket List! Click here to read more!

8. Danced On Top of a Bar with my Friends!

To be far it was my bbf's dad's bar, which was just awesome all on it's own! He was closing it down so we all went out for one last bash and it was an amazing time!!! 

9. Spent an entire weekend at the beach partying

I did it when I was fresh outta high school but definitely want to do it again at this age! Gotta live it up!

10. Went To See Beyonce Live in Concert - Twice!

As a H U G E fan, this was a pivotal moment in my life lol I actually cried and often just stood there in awe! I absolutely adore her! 



On The Run Tour

On The Run Tour

What are some of the things you've already knocked off your bucket list!? Share one or two of them with me in the comments section below!

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Sharing what's Already checked off my bucket list! 10 Things I've Already Crossed Off my Bucket List! Click here to read more!

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