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GIFT GUIDE: 12 Gift Ideas For the Lifestyle Blogger In Your Life!

GIFT GUIDE: 12 Gift Ideas For the Lifestyle Blogger In Your Life!

Welcome to our FINAL week of Gift Guides! I've Done Beauty, Fashion, and Travel Blogger Gift Guides and I DEFINITELY think you need to check it out! Then Scroll down for week Four of the Lifestyle Blogger Gift Guide!






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So Today is our LAST on the list of Gift Guides for the Lifestyle Blogger! With only DAYS before Christmas I figured this is a great list as these items are great last minute gift picks as well! So let's get into it!

Here we are at the Final Week of the Blogger Gift Guide! Click to check out the 12 Great Gift Ideas for the Lifestyle Blogger in Your Life! PLUS we have another set of FREEBIES!!


1. Candle & Candle Holder

Decorating your bedroom? Living room? Anywhere can always use a nice Candle and candle holder as a nice piece of decoration! Plus a candle that smells just right can make you feel right at home!



2. Record Player/ Turn Table


A record player, oddly referred to as a turntable, for those music lovers you know love to listen to music old school style, this is such a fantastic gift idea!



3. Planner/ Agenda


For the Planner Happy person in your life (that's ME!) A Nice planner is a must! We like to plan our dinner dates!



4. Novelty Mugs

Goal Digger   VIA      Good Vibes Only   VIA

Goal Digger VIA    Good Vibes Only VIA

Novelty mugs are the IT thing right now! Everyone wants a fun, fabulous or motivating quote on their mugs!! And they can be found almost anywhere!



5. Art Pieces 

Art Owner  //    VIA

Art Owner //  VIA

Again, another home decor piece that can fit just about anywhere and is a great gift! ESPECIALLY If you have an art buff in your circle or someone who has a fashion illustrator they just adore! 



6. Gratitude Journal


Aside from all the fun stuff, I think it's HUGELY important to remain grateful everyday, so a Gratitude journal is a great idea! Not only are their fabulous quotes in there, but there is space for you to jot down on any particular day what YOU are grateful for! Everyone should have one!


7. House Shawl /Reading Shawl

White   VIA      //     Pink  VIA

White VIA     //     Pink VIA

I'm HUGE on being cozy at home, so growing up from a conventional robe (not that I don't LOVE A GOOD ROBE!) A nice house shawl is the new thing, and it would make the home body homie super happy!



8. Perfume Set



I mean, a Lifestyle blogger is on the go, so having their go to scent (whether male or female) is a must! A nice perfume set can NEVER go wrong!




9. ITunes / Gift Card



Music, movies, books, etc. Yep, I wouldn't be too made at an Itunes Gift card Or ANY gift card really!!



10. Luxe Phone Case 

Samsung   VIA    //  IPhone   VIA

Samsung VIA   // IPhone VIA

A luxurious phone case is just another way to show off one's style and accessorize! So getting that fancy phone case you know everyone is dying for is a great gift idea! 




11. Fluffy Accent Pillow



EVERYONE Has one or two or four of these in their homes these days, so getting a friend who loves to faux fur it up a few of these, especially the quality pillows, is a great idea!! They'll be in nap time faux fur heaven!



12. Bath Bombs


After a long and busy day ANYONE will love to settle into a lovely bath, so a bath bomb is only a fantastic addition! This comes in a set and is just that extra bit of relaxation anyone could hope for!

So we've done it! I've shared ALL of my Gift Guides with you all in TIME for some Last minute Christmas shopping! I truly hope you found some help from these! Any thing on this list you'd like for yourself?! Let me know in the comments down below!!


And Here's another Week of Freebies!!

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Toronto Christmas Market + Three Special Years Together!

Toronto Christmas Market + Three Special Years Together!

GIFT GUIDE: 12 Great Gift Ideas for the Travel Blogger In your Life!

GIFT GUIDE: 12 Great Gift Ideas for the Travel Blogger In your Life!