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My February 2017 Wish List!

My February 2017 Wish List!

Started a conversation on Instagram that made me realize I should do a blog post about it! I've seen quite a few bloggers share their monthly wants or wish lists so I decided to share some of the things I've been online window shopping! So scroll down to check out the items I want, have gotten or am planning to get!





Ever just spot something online that you decide you just have to have!? I know I get that way a lot! I tend to look on websites and check out their new items sections as well as the other sections I usually scan to see what's new!

So let's dive into my list!


1. Over the knee-boots 

I've been watching these boots since they FIRST were released! at $198 dollars it was out of my price range at that time! But I was always looking at them, waiting for them to go down in price! And even though it's Spring in the fashion world, here in Toronto, Canada it's still boots weather! So when they went on sale (50% OFF) I couldn't let the sale pass me by!

Here are my beauties!  50% off!!!! 

Here are my beauties! 50% off!!!! 


2. Faux Collarless Leather Jacket

This is next on my list to get! Going to my boyfriends fight next weekend and I need a fresh outfit! So this jacket will be the next beauty I buy! It's on sale at the moment as well 20% OFF at $54.99 CAD!


3. H&M Nail Polishes

As a nail polish lover, the few that I bought are actually pretty good quality! So I've spotted some more I'd like to snag! They apply smooth and are very opaque! Check them out below they're GORGEOUS and for only $6.99 CAD a piece! You can tell what kind of tones and shades I'm into right now can't you!?!

Champurrado via


Cashmere via

Go To Greige via


4. Purse Glory

This purse is aligned with the colors and aesthetic I'm going for! I LOVE the color and the gold tone handled! I'm just loving the design! Colored at blue-grey, and on sale $17.00 CAD

via H&m Canada


5. Dynamite Satin-Tee 

As with the faux leather jacket, I'm loving the mix of materials! I think it's a great way to give the item more dimensions! And this shirt is just lovely!


6. Stack-able Rings

The mixing of the metals are so in right now and I'm loving the look of these! Running at $18.00 CAD I want to add them to my collection!

7. Rose Gold Chic-ness

I just love these earrings! I think they're the perfect balance between glam and chic! These are a little bit more pricey at $20.00 CAD


8. More Casual Ear pieces 

You can never have enough everyday ear wear options!


9. Matching Night Wear

I'm getting to a place where the idea of having an adorable matching night set excites me! I guess I'm really getting old lol

10. Duvet Set

I KNOW I'm not the only one who loves a new bed set that makes your bedroom feel more cozy and more 'you'! I ADORE this set and can't wait until H&M Canada has an extensive home good section! This would run you $54.99 CAD

11. Smashbox please!

I'm still learning about make-up but I've always loved a nice eye-shadow palette and this new one has my eye big time!! At my local beauty and drug store this would run you $35 CAD! It's sold at them moment but I'll be watching for it!

Shopping anyone??? LET'S GO!!!

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Today I'm sharing the things I've been eyeing on my favorite online shops! Click to check out my February Wish List as well as some awesome sales!


So there you have it! The things I'm just loving! Spotted anything online or in stores you just have to have!? Let me know in the comments section down below!


Yours Truly,

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