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Popular Summer Scent: Miss Dior

Popular Summer Scent: Miss Dior

Want to smell EXTRA yummy this summer?! This is the scent for you! Click here to find out more!

So I wanted to share this delicious new perfume scent I finally got my hands on! First off, thanks to the ah-maaah-zing woman who gifted me these awesome items, I don't even know how to express my gratitude!  

Now, let's get to this delicious scent. I know it's not a new perfume but I think people really underestimate the power of a certain scent during a certain time of the year. Soft, yet strong and floral like, this perfume is just the perfect last touch to make an outfit go from summer hot, to summer sweet! I really love the smell of a sweet perfume. I have quite the collection I'll share with you all, but for right now. THIS ONE, is my favorite!

- This is NOT a sponsored post - 

What are your favorite scent(s) this summer? Any Surprising Picks! 

Share it with me!

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Value Check: L'Occitaine

Value Check: L'Occitaine