15 Inexpensive Date Ideas to try with your Significant Other!

Welcome Back! Last time we Talked about BFF Date night ideas! So this week we're looking at 15 (PLUS THREE MORE!) date ideas to try with your one and only boo! Scroll down and let's get into this juicy list! (Can I just say my amazing BF helped me come up with this whole idea!! Love Him!)






Today I'm Sharing 15 (PLUS 3 EXTRA) Cheap Date Ideas to try with your Significant Other TODAY! So Click here and check the list out, you'll want to try these RIGHT AWAY!
  1. Town Square free shows - Find out your local town square schedule, they may play movies, sporting events, have free live concerts, have holiday themed events! Seeing as it's almost Christmas now (EEEK) Expect a lot of holiday markets, plays and maybe concerts! Bring a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, a warm blanket and just chill out together and enjoy the show!

  2. Local jazz/Music Bar - Most towns/cities usually have a bar where local artists may come out and put on a show, if not free there might be a small entrance fee, why not eat dinner at home, and go check out some local talent!

  3. Game board Cafe - I don't know about you but my boyfriend and I enjoy playing games and love playing with others, however, it's not always easy to get your friends together to set up a games night. So why not go out to a game board cafe and play together, or maybe play with new people and make some new friends!

  4. Exploring Local Greenery areas - Whether it's a simple park, hilly area or a larger national park, dress appropriate, pack smart snacks/picnic and get out there. Explore a new area together, and talk to each other, help each other, it's truly a calming experience. PLEASE remember to always be safe in your location choices and activities to follow (I MEAN DON'T DRINK AND HIKE!!)

  5. Group-ON Deal Search - Wake up on a Saturday morning and Scan Group-on for some awesome cheap deals! Think Battle archery, trampolining, mini golfing, bowling, gun range, go carting. There are so many options! Or even something calmer like a couples massage.

  6. Apple Picking or Pumpkin Picking - depending on the season, this seems to have risen in popularity, they have hay rides, train rides and more, go out and enjoy being a kid again! Then go home and make a pie!? YESS PLEASE!

  7. Town Exploration - Find a small town you've never been to and go explore the local shops! You never know what kind of gems might be hidden just outside the city!

  8. Window shopping - If you and your partner are hoping to one day purchase a new couch, table, puppy, apartment?? Well why not go window shopping before you buy! Go out with NO INTENTION to buy, no pressure for you, and you just go out and look, the sales reps won't know you're only window shopping, so ask all the important questions, compare and then later make a sound shopping decision ( shopping tip thrown in there for yah!)

  9. Local Museum - We all know the BIG museums in our area's, but have you ever visit a smaller, local museum? They can be quite interesting, especially to learn more about the city in which you're living in, especially if you're new to the area!

  10. Go for a drive - Just fill up that gas tank, make sure your I-pod is charged, and cruise. Get lost on purpose until you're satisfied. We all get a little freaked out when we get lost, so why not do it on purpose, relax and take your time finding your way home ( this is another great way to just chat with your partner, reminisce, plan and more!)

  11. Go On House Tours - Ever wanted to see what that big house on the corner for sale looks like, well get dolled up and go! While you're out there check out some other expensive houses on the market! Why do you have to worry about how much it is? Maybe you'll get some home decoration inspiration just by visiting these (usually lovely) decorated show homes or homes on the market!

  12. Learning for Beginners - Take a local beginner class in something you might be interested in. Michaels (the craft store) usually has classes and a schedule, the fee + supplies depends on the type of class, but it could be lots of fun to learn together.

  13. Puzzle Up - Go to your local Chapters or Starbucks and do a puzzle together, or even just sit and look at magazines! In Chapters, you don't even need to buy them! Just buy your favorite latte and relax!

  14. D.I.Y Project - Find a D.I.Y project, grab your parts and build it together. Maybe you want to spruce up your apartment, D.I.Y projects are usually awesome for being more inexpensive than buying whatever it is you might want at full price! So team work makes the dream work!

  15. Pinterest & Cook - Grab ingredients of a new dish you've been meaning to try. Get on pinterest and find a workable recipe and GET COOKING. Make it your plan to have a delicious meal at home and learn to cook something completely new together!

  16. $5 Movie Bin Search - Pick up some old movies in the 5$ Bin at Wal Mart and check out some older movies you've never seen before, make a tent at home (or a fort) have your munchies ready, phones on silent and just watch movies for an afternoon.

  17. Vision Board Party - Got Plans in the future? Have a vision board party, just the two of you (or invite other friends) and create a couple focused vision board and/or individual vision boards, dreaming and planning is important for your future!

  18. Used Book Scavenger Hunt - Decide on a book, Go to your local used book shop and look around till one of you finds it first! Throw some competition in there, and look at SO many amazing finds at dirt cheap! 

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Today I'm Sharing 15 (PLUS 3 EXTRA) Cheap Date Ideas to try with your Significant Other TODAY! So Click here and check the list out, you'll want to try these RIGHT AWAY!

I Hope you enjoyed this post! Can you Think of any other Cheap date ideas I may have missed? Please share it with me in the comments section down below! 

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